From acclaimed director Drake Doremus and Ridley Scott, the force behind legendary Hollywood's science fiction epics such as The Martian, Prometheus, Alien and Blade Runner comes a haunting tale of forbidden love.  Zoe (Léa Seydoux) and Cole (Ewan McGregor) are close colleagues and veiled lovers at Relationist Labs, a robotics company that produces "Synthetic Companions."  As their budding romance takes shape, Ash (Theo James), one of the androids they created, discovers their secret romance, becoming jealous. He tells Zoe that she and Cole are not a compatible match, and reveals a harsh truth: Zoe is not human, but a robot as well.  Torn between their feelings for each other and the stigma attached to human-machine relationships, Zoe and Cole are pulled apart, while an envious Ash strives to convince Zoe to accept what she is, sending this love triangle into a tumultuous erotic spiral of confusion, betrayal and the most intense of human emotions, love.