Actor Jack Wade takes his comatose wife Frankie to an isolated cabin in the mountains - a place where a man once murdered his entire family. Before this, Jack was a kept man, but now he must care for Frankie alone. Having lost everything, this dilapidated cabin is all they have left. The neighbors are definitely eccentric but seem harmless enough.

Jack flirts with Constable Kate Edison, an Iraq war veteran so traumatized by her experiences in Iraq she won't even carry a gun. Poor Jack is a fish out of water. He starts to imagine things and comes to believe his comatose wife is up and moving around, and she's become rude, crude and taunts him relentlessly. Jack becomes unraveled - and eventually decides to eliminate his wife. But Frankie won't die. Is she some kind of monster, or is Jack just insane? Is the cabin haunted, or is it all of the above? DEAD AND GONE is a relentless, non-stop exercise in terror mixed with wild, black humor; scary, funny and deeply disturbing.