Single mother and dedicated psychiatrist Cara Jessup (Julianne Moore) centers her professional reputation on debunking the idea of multiple personality syndrome, until she encounters a criminal mental patient (Jonathan Rhys Meyers) whose powers defy rational explanation. This eerie contact with evil shatters her world, turning a cynic into an embattled true believer. Following her father's mystifying sudden death, Cara intuits that her own daughter faces grave danger.

Directed by the innovative team of Mans Marlind and Bjorn Stein (Storm), and giving a mountain voodoo tinge to the occult genre, SHELTER is a sophisticated and disturbing voyage into the heart of darkness. Producers Macari and Edelstein (whose credits include Mulholland Drive and The Ring) will bring their unique brand of psychological spine chilling to the big screen once again in 2010.

US Theatrical Release by The Weinstein Company